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    Job Seeking Assessment Methods

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    What assessment methods have you been exposed to and how would you gauge their usefulness in selecting staff?

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    Depending on the type of company (industry and big/small), the methods used vary.

    When I was looking for a job that required a lot more data entry or using the computer, I had to give a computer and typing test. I first had a one-on-one conversation either on phone or in person where I was asked about the type of person I was (my strengths & weaknesses, what I would do in a certain situation etc). Then I had to give the computer test and then I was told whether I got the job or not.

    When I was applying for a position as a Lead Project Engineer, after the initial personality and HR type questions, I had to give a written test. The written test entailed questions related to stress/strain on a beam and other engineering questions. When applying for a design engineer position, you had to answer questions about certain CAD or SolidWorks questions.

    In the smaller companies, an HR person and the lead manager (who would be my boss if I got the job) were present in asking me questions and taking my interview. However, in the larger companies, there were about 4-5 people taking my interview. Those were individuals who I would be dealing with and working with on a regular basis.

    Which method works or is more useful than the other depends on the companies' strategy and evaluation methods. Most job process takes a few weeks or months now because of all the background checks, medical tests (you don't take drugs etc), and many interviews. The effectiveness of method varies on the type of job....whether you are applying for a managerial or lead role or junior designer or right after graduation type position. Some positions requires more accountability and more responsibilities and more of an impact in the end result of the product or service.

    When a company defines its job evaluation method, it takes into account the performance metrics, vision and mission of the company, and the company's goals.

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