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    HR Manager Action: Unionizing Warehouse Employees

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    As the HR manager, you have heard rumors about potential efforts to unionize your warehouse employees. What would you do?

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    Unions were originally formed to help protect the rights of workers and to ensure adequate working conditions. Typically, workers consider unionization in an attempt to improve working conditions or an issue related to work, such as wages, benefits or a combination of the three.

    Recently, employees of Starbucks have been fired for their pro-union activities and some have been harassed because of such activity. This has resulted in the National Labor Relations Board accusing more than 10 employees of illegal activities surrounding the treatment of employees (Osborne, 2007). Though Starbucks offers benefits packages to part time employees, there are evidently some unmet needs of workers that the organization has either chosen to overlook or ...

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    This solution discusses how to react as an HR manager after hearing rumors about potential efforts to unionize warehouse employees.