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The nine principles of corporate sustainability performance

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Using Table 1.1, "The nine principles of sustainability performance," in the attached PDF, write an analysis of Wal-Mart in regard to these nine principles.

The information needs to be original content, formatted with APA and references.

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Wal-Mart: Corporate Sustainability

Ethics: The organization believes in three basic beliefs, which give an idea of the company's ethics. These are:

- Respect for individual
- Service to the customer
- Striving for Excellence

Wal-Mart constantly makes efforts to promote company's ethical culture to all stakeholders globally. The company has a statement of ethics which serves as a guide for all associates to make ethical decisions every day.

Governance: Wal-Mart's corporate governance has been, since early years of its inception, focused on enhancing the oversight of its leadership and facilitating management development. The board is committed to corporate governance processes that ensure a balance between proper oversight and the appropriate level of control. These processes are continuously reviewed and company's culture is reflected in this corporate governance structure.

Transparency: The fact that there is an increased desire among consumers to know about the product's entire lifecycle, Walmart has developed a sustainability index. Through this practice, the company is creating a more ...

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The nine principles of corporate sustainability performance is examined.

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