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Social and Financial Performance Relationships

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The solution discusses social and financial performance relationships.

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For your literature review I have provided an annotated bibliography of current articles on the subject of social and financial performance relationships. If you need more of these types of articles for your paper, let me know. From these you should begin to get a sense of where the literature is focused and how it pertains to your work. The paragraphs can be expanded to help you with your paper. I have included brief explanations of the articles chosen.

Institutional Logics in the Study of Organizations: The Social Construction of the Relationship between Corporate Social and Financial Performance. Orlitzky, Marc. Business Ethics Quarterly. Jul2011, Vol. 21 Issue 3, p409-444. 36p

The study reexamines the data provided in other studies for relationships between social performance and financial performance in companies. Previous studies have shown variations in the performance correlations with economics, finance, and accounting providing smaller correlations and social issues, business ethics and business/social finding greater correlations. The researcher attempts to find the reasons for these differences by using the cross study variables to confirm or deny the positive, negative, and non significant variations of final conclusions.

Deconstructing the Relationship Between Corporate Social and Financial Performance. Full Text AvailableBy: Perrini, Francesco; Russo, Angeloantonio; Tencati, Antonio; Vurro, Clodia. Journal of Business Ethics. Aug2011, Vol. 102, p59-76

This study looks at the previous research on ...

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