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Managing in a Foreign Land: How to Handle Relationships

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In 'Managing in a Foreign Land' Joe could have handled Wolfgang more effectively to derive better results.

1. What weaknesses do you see in Joe's handling of Wolfgang?

After employing Wolfgang, Joe "began to spend most of his time" almost immediately on other matters. Joe would have been well served to take the time after initially hiring Wolfgang and help Wolfgang acclimate to the company culture. Joe has grown his business well, and has the ability to develop loyal employees and high morale. He needs to use this ability to show Wolfgang how to act, and the proper way to interact with employees. Wolfgang is at a disadvantage as a foreign citizen as well as a brand new employee. Joe needs to make an effort to mentor Wolfgang, initially sharing the job duties and the corporate culture, including the ability of his employees to make decisions and have ...

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This solution addresses the questions posed after reading "Managing in a Foreign Land" based on Joe and Wolfgang's interactions and cultural differences. It explores the difference in managing employees from different cultures.