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    Human Resources has an opening for a Training position...

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    You would like to grow into a training position in your Human Resource department. You have some experience with training but you do not know what a position like this requires or how well your skills might match.

    How could you further develop your skills to grow into an HR training position? Develop a task list to prioritize the steps you could take to be prepared for a training position. Reflect on this list, what are the advantages and barriers to this self-directed learning?

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    How could you further develop your skills to grow into an HR training position?

    Most training positions require technical training, soft skills training or a blend of the two, depending upon the organizational structure. I have been a training specialist at a large law firm for four years and focus mainly on technical training, but I have provided both. For either direction you would need to go, preparations need to be made so that you understand what you would be training coworkers on - whether it is a new software program or a new process (like providing excellent customer service). If you wish to grow your skills, in preparation for becoming a trainer (or applying for the position), I would recommend that you become extremely familiar (maybe even an expert?) in the applications that your organization uses on a day-to-day basis.

    Depending on your relationship with the members of the technology department, you might be able to ...

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    This solution (containing 600+ words) was provided by a Human Resources Trainer working in the legal industry and provides insight into typical classes taught, a detailed priority list for getting ready for the position, as well as suggestions for items to communicate with the Human Resource manager in charge of the position.