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Managing Productivity through Job Design and Work Flow

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Managing Productivity through Job Design and Work Flow

After reading the background materials, you have been introduced to a number of ways to influence employee productivity. However, according to articles in USA Today and HRMagazine, some family-friendly programs are not providing the promised results:
Armour, S. (2003, October 20). More companies downsize family-friendly programs; No longer needed to keep workers: [FINAL Edition]. USA Today, p. A.01. Retrieved August 28, 2007, from National Newspapers (27) database. (Document ID: 427189741).
Wells, S. J. (2007, Oct). Are you too family friendly? HRMagazine, 52/10, 34-39.
What is going on here? Were the promises of these programs lies? Unnecessary?
Assignment Expectations:
After reading the articles, respond to the following questions citing background materials, the case articles, and any other resources that you find to support your position as a human resource manager:
? Would you recommend adding or eliminating these types of programs to your organization's benefits program?
? Do these types of programs influenced productivity?
? Where might they be more or less appropriate (what industries, when, etc.)?
? Should you have policies in place that only a few might take advantage or benefit from?

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• Would you recommend adding or eliminating these types of programs to your organization's benefits program?
Based on the increasing numbers of single workers and the view that family friendly programs are considered unfair, by single workers, I would eliminate them from my organization. According to research conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (2003), "companies no longer need to offer varied benefits to attract and retain workers." With a competitive job market and so many people out of work, companies have plenty of applicants to choose from, who do not require family friendly accommodations. There are other reasons to eliminate such programs. The research has found they do not help increase productivity and are too costly to administer. Rather than focus on family friendly benefits, I would shift focus to people friendly benefits, which do not discriminate against single workers. Examples of such benefits include compensatory time, paid time off and others, which are not designated as specifically beneficial to workers with families. There are laws such as FMLA, which are already in place, to help families care for loved ones, if the need arises.
• Do these types of programs ...

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Managing productivity through job design and work flow is examined. Were the promises of the programs lies are determined.