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Job Design and Job Enrichment, Rotation, and Enhancement

Compare and contrast job enlargement, rotation, and enrichment. How are they similar to and different from each other?

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Consider the role companies aspire for effectively managing their employees by utilizing the job enlargement, rotation and enrichment protocols, which the path for success can increase their productivity. Job enlargement is the expansion of an employee's responsibility in completing job tasks that aims in successful business continuity. Try and think of job enlargement as a necessity for bridging the gap between one department need and another department need internally for long-term successful factors. The number of tasks clearly indicates the job enlargement technique by management and Human Resource personnel. In some business, one employee, in particular, must undertake more than a one tasks. Hence, the employee is responsibility for an array of duties either associated with the one department initiative. For example; in marketing, the employee is also responsible for another department initiative, such as, sales.

Job enlargement provides an opportunity for businesses to manage incoming demand of work requiring extra employees, however, the budget costs ...

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This is a review of a job design that focuses on enrichment, enhancement, and rotation.