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OSHA, LAMP Model, Recruitment

6. Which of the following about OSHA is TRUE?

a) It is a three-member board appointed by the President.
b) It is prohibited from evaluating compliance officers on the basis of enforcement activities, such as the number of citations issued or penalties assessed.
c) It rules on the appropriateness of NIOSH's enforcement actions when they are contested by employers, employees, or unions.
d) It conducts research on the causes and prevention of occupational injury and illness.

7. The category of HRM responsibility aimed at preserving and enhancing employee job competence is:

a) development.
b) staffing.
c) retention.
d) managing change.

8. What is the purpose of the process component of the LAMP model?

a) To make the insights gained as a result of costing employee absenteeism actionable
b) To measure the effectiveness of the HR department
c) To show how to assess the costs and benefits of people-related business activities
d) To improve management decision-making

9. Recruitment begins by specifying __________, which are the typical result of job analysis and workforce planning activities.

a) human resource requirements
b) strategic imperatives
c) pay grades
d) affirmative action candidates

10. Which of the following would you associate with managing diversity?

a) Government initiated
b) Assumes integration
c) Internally focused
d) Quantitative

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These are appointed positions.
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