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    Diversity-oriented recruiting program

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    1. What special measures might be necessary for a successful diversity-oriented recruiting effort?

    2. Discuss the conditions under which realistic job previews are and are not appropriate.

    3. Why are reliability and validity key considerations for all assessment methods?

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    Most organizations in the present time are becoming diverse and giving growing importance to diverse recruiting. Recruiting and managing a diverse workforce in an organization has become the priority of all the managers. They recruit diversity in terms of gender, race, sex, religion and ethnicity. Special measures are taken for the success of diverse recruiting because building diverse teams needs effort and commitment, as it is not just hiring diverse people, but it is essential for the organization to value the diversity. To promote diversity in the organization, it is vital for the company to promote the managers and promote the overall environment that supports diversity and values it (Kandola and Fullerton, 1998). Certain steps can be taken for the success of diversity-oriented recruiting:

    1. Commitment to diversity is ensured through the way position is communicated - Managers should ensure that the way of communicating their position to people both internally and externally should emphasize on diversity. The organization should make sure that diversity is a subtle thing and can make differences in the organization.

    2. Through the research, a large ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 700 words with references. It analyses several measures that could be adopted for successful diversity-oriented recruiting. Several conditions are included that focus on whether the realistic job preview is appropriate or inappropriate. Reliability and validity are also explained in terms of their importance in assessment.