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internal analysis

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1. What is the three-circles analysis, and how might it help doing internal analysis?

2. Describe the difference between primary and support activities using value chain analysis.

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This explanation provides you a comprehensive argument relating to internal analysis

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1. What is the three-circle analysis, and how might it help doing internal analysis?

The three circle analysis is technique in which the strategy makers can see the customers' needs, company offerings, and competitor offerings in the form of three circles. The overlap among these circles helps the strategy makers spot the firms competitive advantage and enables the firm to determine how it differs from that of competitors. Essentially, the team of strategy makers spot out what the customers value and why. For instance, the customers might value fast service. This is the first circle. The second circle shows what the customers perceive to be the company's offering. The overlap between the first two circles shows how the company's offerings are fulfilling the customers' needs. The third circle shows what the strategy maker thinks of the offerings of the company's ...

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