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    HR Effective Training and Development

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    1. Due to Raymond Royer's sound management policies and shrewd joint ventures and acquisitions, training programs were designed for the new employees for them to understand the Domtar culture and service their customers. Draw a learning curve diagram for the program which would take employees 2 weeks to learn both these critical aspects. Also mention, what learning style would be preferable for the conduct of this kind of training. Give out your rationale on why you feel such a learning style would be suitable for the Domtar employees.

    2. Given the difficulty of organizational change, what factors contributed to the success at Domtar? How did Domtar's management at all levels contribute to reducing resistance to change? It can be explained that the 'Stimulus here is the Organizational Change' and the 'Response is Resistance to this Change'. Do you agree with this statement? Explain your rationale of the organizational change resistance in terms of the 'Behaviourist (or Stimulus-Response) approach of the Learning Theory.

    3. Domtar overcame major HRD challenges associated with its acquisitions and joint partnerships? In such cases, the learning curve of employees can even go downwards due to loss of motivation and negative transfer of learning. What factors might hinder or block transfer of learning in such a scenario. Explain these factors hindering transfer of learning in terms of Perceptual, Emotional, Motivational, Cultural, Situational and Skill factors.

    4. If Raymond Royer hired you to develop a training program to enhance Skills, Knowledge and Attitude of Domtar employees, how would you go about designing the program? Provide logical rationale to support your position.

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    Human Resource Development / Effective Training and Development
    Raymond Royer's sound management policies
    Domtar Corporation is known to be among the leaders in the production of a free sheet paper which is not coated in countries such as North America. The company is known to have reported the worst financial records within the paper and pulp industry as its goals were not clearly designed. Considering a learning curve diagram, an explanation of how the critical aspects may be handled.

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    Appropriate Learning Style and the Reason for This Selection
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