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    Human Resources Management

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    With social media and internet use available in the workplace, organizations must consider the degree of access to data is allowed with employees. Businesses must determine the appropriate levels of use with its information systems that give employee access; but ultimately without negative consequences for the organization. This solution is about 400 words and has a reference.

    The actual case study analysis: When considering the impact of the information age on business, what are some issues business owners should address in deciding to use information technology. Would the type of business determine the appropriate information system? What are some types of organizational processes and procedures in

    Risks to the Employee in a Defined Benefit Plan

    One of the advantages of the defined benefit plan to employees is that the employee is not responsible for the value of the plan; the company's trustee has to ensure they can meet the financial obligations to pay out the defined benefits to each employee. Is there any risk to the employee in a defined benefit plan?

    Project Management: Scope/Resources

    Who approves and rejects changes to the scope of the project? Who approves and rejects resources? Should the project manager have full authority to change control? What type of system should be in place to manage change request? Explain why this technique was chosen.

    Risks associated in Employee Engagement

    Refer to the Modern Appliances case study (907C35, 907C36, 907C37) to identify and analyze the risks associated with the broad plan to support increased employee engagement at Modern Appliances. What staffing factors (teamwork, hiring decisions, retooling of current employees, et cetera) needed to be considered? How might th

    Intervention Selection and Design

    Performance Support, Job Analysis/ Work Design, Personal Development, Human Resources Development, Organizational Communication, Organizational Design and Development, Financial systems and Other Interventions are intervention types. Attached you will find Making Business-to-Business International Internet Marketing Effective:

    ROI Process Model

    Explain why the ROI Process Model (see attached) is important, what benefits the process brings to an organization and where are the weaknesses in the model.

    Conducting Research on Employee Attitudes

    - You are the manager of a hotel. There have been several complaints from guests relating to employee attitudes. Provide a description of three different types of research that might be appropriate for this situation. - In what situations is it appropriate to use focus groups? Why?

    Dealing With Changes In Scope

    Please help answer the following: 1. Describe a time when the scope changed significantly for a project in which you were involved. What other aspects of the project were affected by the scope changes? What tools were used to manage these scope changes? Were they effective? Why or why not? What would you have done differentl

    This case looks at weaknesses in divisional structure, how duplication of effort is counter-productive, along with analyzing bureaucracy. The solution is over 600 words and includes multiple references.

    1. "Among the weaknesses of the divisional structure is the duplication of activities and potential of counter-productive inter-market competition for customers, which is not only inefficient but can limit opportunities for cooperation across market segments and waste resources." This statement applies to conglomerate organizati

    Expatriate employees encounter problems that limit both

    Research suggests that many expatriate employees encounter problems that limit both their effectiveness in a foreign posting and their contribution to the company when they return home. What are the main causes and consequences of these problems, and how might a firm reduce their occurrence? Three pages of info. I have 6 pages o

    Pay Equity & Strategic Management for HRM

    -You have been asked to evaluate whether a company's pay structure is fair to women and minorities. How would you go about answering this question? -How can the processes for strategic management discussed be transplanted to manage the HRM function?

    "Best Practices" list

    You have been studying various factors of your organization during this course. You have interviewed several colleagues as well as outside employees. Provide your own "Best Practices" list of things you would be sure to do based on your discussions with others. Also, what did they tell you to never do? Prepare your paper as

    Organizational Structure of a Hospital

    Please provide information on the following. Please use the attached document that I have prepared to address these bullet points. -Create an organizational chart for 3 departments in your selected health care facility. -Identify 2 examples of the primary responsibilities that each employee on your chart has as a part of hi

    Conflicting HRM Systems

    Discuss one conflicting HRM practice and recommend one or more alternative HRM practices that could appropriately minimize, or even eliminate, the conflict.

    Effectively Revamping an HR Department: A Case Study

    Please provide assistance with the following question: you will take on the role of a newly-hired HR Manager for a private-sector organization that provides IT consulting services to other private-sector employers in the U.S. and Canada. Your organization currently has 90 full-time and 110 half-time consultants. There are 8

    Case Study on Billy Beane: Changing the Game

    Based on the "Billy Beane: Changing the Game" case, explain how and why the Oakland A's economic situation after 1995 shaped its: a)Compensation strategies b)Staffing (recruiting, selection, and retention strategies) strategies c)Training and development strategies 2. Explain how the compensation, staffing, and train

    Discharges at the Anderson Cost Club store

    Assuming that I am the assistant manager my role is to deal with HR issues that arise routinely in the workplace. The first issue that I must deal with is: the discharges that had recently occurred at the Anderson Cost Club store, which is located in a right-to-work state. The general manager (GM) had fired two employee

    Managing with Scarce Resources.

    Assume you work for a textbook publishing company that has multiple projects happening simultaneously and that the scope of work on all of the projects is similar. What are some of the problems that you might run into when allocating scarce resources? What suggestions would you give the various project managers to coordinate acr

    Managing Project Resources: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

    Explain the difference in the problem a project manager faces if he/she is short on administrative assistant resources versus a project manager who is short on a key resource with a ton of inside knowledge and years of work experience on a particular subject.

    Three Types of Human Resource Management Software

    Discuss the benefits of using HRM technology, and compare and contrast the three types of HRM software; (1) transaction processing, (2) decision support system, and (3) expert systems. Do you think it would it be beneficial for an organization to have more than one or all three types of HRM software? Why, or why not?

    Dysfunctional Measurement

    Describe any instances you have experienced or researched with measurement dysfunction. How could this dysfunction have been avoided or corrected?

    Incentives as an Employee Motivator

    Incentives or "pay for performance" can be a powerful employee motivator. It can take a variety of forms of compensation and can be measured in multiple ways. How would I go about writing a paragraph for those three types of incentives and also explaining one positive and one potential negative of each?