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    Risks associated in Employee Engagement

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    Refer to the Modern Appliances case study (907C35, 907C36, 907C37) to identify and analyze the risks associated with the broad plan to support increased employee engagement at Modern Appliances.

    What staffing factors (teamwork, hiring decisions, retooling of current employees, et cetera) needed to be considered?
    How might these factors, if unaddressed, contribute to organizational risk?
    Is there evidence of how Modern addressed those challenges?
    If so, describe how Modern addressed the challenges. If not, how might you advise them?
    Support your recommendations with reference to current HR trends, developments, and challenges in employee engagement as described in the literature.
    Analyze Modern's reaction to the very real risk of fraud in their new warranty procedures.
    Analyze the relationships among regulation (controls), ethics, and employee engagement. How can HRM best manage these relationships?
    What benefits in employee engagement and organizational effectiveness did Modern reap as a result of their new business model?
    Support your analysis with references to the literature as appropriate.

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    //This paper is concerned with the case study of Modern Appliances to identify and analyze the risks associated with the broad plan, to support increased employee engagement at Modern Appliances. In this paper, various employment challenges and recommendations of Modern Appliances will be explained. In this part of the paper, introduction of the Modern Appliances INC. will be explained.//


    Modern Appliances is a traditionally strong company of North American markets. It has been doing business for almost 75 years. Modern manufactures a wide range of large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dish washers and many more. The company is known for its quality products and good marketing. Modern Appliances follows very rigid control systems, which are broad in scope. During unionization, the company faced some challenges for cost and labor force flexibility. James Bradshaw, the chief executive officer of Modern Appliances believes that the problem was not union and felt that the main problem stayed in the management of the company. He also felt that the costs are higher because of many low value added processes.

    //Various staffing factors are crucial for the growth of an organization and if these are not addressed properly it will be harmful for the organization. In the below section, various staffing factors will be explained. It will also discuss that how these factors, if unaddressed, contribute to organizational risk. //

    To improve employee engagement, the employer should consider various staffing factors, which maximizes employee engagement in a company. An employee's relationships with his co-workers play an important role in this respect. All the employees should work in cooperation, as a team and enhance teamwork in the company, which is an important staffing factor. Employers should provide proper opportunities to employees to use their skills and capabilities in the best possible manner.

    Employee's abilities should be enhanced by required training and development, so that they can contribute to their fullest capacity. A satisfied employee is the worth preserving resource for an organization that is why employee satisfaction is considered as the main factor of employee engagement (Schmidt & Marson). Job variability should be provided to the employee in order to maintain their interest in work. Correct hiring decisions also act as important factors, right employees should be hired at right places and managers should perform, as trainers and try to solve the work related problem of employees (Cascio, et. al. 2011).

    An organization will be at risk if ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1480 words with references.