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    Analyzing Performance Issues in Turmeric & Spice, LTD

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    Pat Eneewon, a performance practitioner with Turmeric & Spice, Ltd., was asked to meet with the Chief People Officer (CPO) about building a leadership development program. Pat has interviewed Ms, Abley, the CPO at Turmeric & Spice (T&S) and three people recommended by Ms. Abley. Pat has been moved on to another project, these interview transcripts have been provided to you in preparation for you taking over the project.

    Could you help with reviewing please?

    Review the transcripts provided. Summarize the data, making it as factual and data-supported as possible. Submit an analysis identifying the performance issues and opportunities for Turmeric & Spice Ltd. In your summary, identify documentation that you would want to find to corroborate comments by your interviewees or provide additional information that your interviewees were unable to provide. Include a brief summary of Pat's methodology and any changes you would have made to it.

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    Ms. Abley, Chief People Office has contacted Pay Eneewon to improve Turmeric & Spice's leadership program to be more diverse and reflective of global stakeholders with whom the company interact. The front line leaders have not attended leadership or diversity training due to cost involved. This cost would involve translation services and transportation costs. In addition, Ms. Abley is concerned in regard to succession planning. Language barriers cross training personnel and international pay scales and employment laws are also a concern. In order to search into this further, the actual training that is needed should be determined, and delivery options of the materials determined. It will also be important to determine who and how many people will be trained. The Internet is certainly an option with front-end costs that would dissipate with each use. Costs should be obtained on several methods to weigh options.

    Ms. Spice, CEO, is looking for a leadership development program, having recently met with the Regional Division heads, the regional financial managers, the head spice connoisseur as well as long time vendors and customers in the far and middle east, Asia, Caribbean and Mesoamerican locations. He found a commonality among the people based on language, more males in the mid east offices with perhaps some cultural difference in regards to the role of males and females. Also, some individuals have been in the same position for in excess of 15 years. There appears to be very little innovation or technology used in the field. There needs to be researched undertaken to discover what innovation has taken place in the industry. Ms. Spice wants the global employees to feed fresh ideas into the system. She is looking for solutions like cheaper storage and faster processing, as well as lower labor costs, and ...

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    This detailed solution involves a scenario for Turmeric & Spice, in regards to building a leadership development program. It analyses performance issues and opportunities for the company, and includes a summary of Pat's methodology. APA references are included.