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    Communications Plan

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    Turmeric & Spice have decided that they need a strategic plan for both expansion of their company to new regions, to create new spice mixtures, and to include a more diverse audience from employees to customers and vendors. They know that marketing will play a great role in these changes, as will HR. You have been asked to build the strategic planning team, set up the planning meetings, and facilitate them (or at least have someone on your team who facilitates them.) Consultants may be required throughout the strategic planning and execution process, if your team does not have the available skills.

    Identify the target audiences that you will need to reach for the various stages of this project. What the key messages will be. Those messages may be generic at this point (i.e., planning has start, you are invited, etc.) Define the way in which the message will be delivered along with who is responsible for that message and the timing of it. Message timing is interesting; it might be a reoccurring message (e.g., a weekly update or publishing minutes of meetings), or it might be very date specific (21 days prior to meeting or Sept 15, 2010). Think carefully about the various aspects of communication.

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    We have three objectives that we need to accomplish. We need to expand operations to cover new regions, we need to create new spice
    mixtures, and we need to include a more diverse population, including employees, customers, and vendors. We are going to capitalize
    on marketing in our efforts, which is what is expected for us to meet each of our three goals. Here is where we need to go with each one,
    goal by goal:

    Our first target audience should be employees. Employees are the largest group of people that we can scout to have on our side, and employees can really make a program initiative successful and in this regard, are our biggest asset. Our employees know our operation and they are ideally familiar with our strategies. The message that we would send our employees is that we need to innovate. Through our expansion efforts into new regions, we need employees to help us innovate. Management/our committee needs to remain open to all employee ideas and to consider all potential avenues that could help us. Employees actually make the spices and direct the processes of production, so they're our biggest innovators for new spice mixtures.

    Their ideas should be top priority in this area. We are going to hold meetings with the employees and we are going to have professional literature
    prepared in the form of handouts for the employees, with ways that they can begin innovating. We are going to make sure that they know that by becoming involved in the innovation process, it adds to the entire strength and success of the company. The more successful the company is, the more that the company can provide to its employees. We are going to inform the employees of this as soon as possible, as we are going to continue reminding the employees.

    We will post signs, flyers, (all professionally designed, so they know ...

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