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    System of Equations Application Word Problem - A merchant mixed 10 lb of cinnamon tea with 5 lb of spice tea.

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    A merchant mixed 10 lb of cinnamon tea with 5 lb of spice tea. The 15 pound mixture sells for $40. A second mixture includes 12 lb of cinn tea and 8 lbs of spice tea. The 20 lbs mixture sells for $54. Find the cost per lb of the cinn tea and the spice tea.

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    Let x represent the cost of the cinnamon tea
    Let y represent the cost of the spice tea

    The question states that 10 lbs of cinn tea plus 5 lbs of spice tea sells for a total of $40.
    We write this as (using the square brackets to indicate units):
    10 [lbs] * x [$/lb] + 5 [lbs] * y [$/lb] = 40 [$]

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