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    Travel back in time

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    Convincing people to travel back into time addressing the followng: Where they lived, what they ate, what the population was like, what jobs they had and what they did for fun. With a goal is to convience people living today to travel back in time. TWo pages and then I can bridge from that.

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    Let's travel back in time to the United States in the early1900s when the world of industrialization was just starting. The Wild West was becoming a thing of the past as cities were being built. The inventions of the time were the Motion Picture, Automobile, the Assembly Line (thanks to Henry Ford), Air Conditioning, Safety Glass, Neon Lighting and the Paper Clip. The US Population was just over 76 million at the turn of the century and increasing rapidly due to inception of Ellis Island welcoming millions and millions of immigrants. (Encyclopedia Britannica 2008)
    How exciting it would be to see our young nation through the eyes of one who has reaped the rewards of these inventions and to be at Sagamore Hill when Teddy Roosevelt gave his famous speech, "To borrow a simile from the football field, we believe that men must play fair, but that there must be no shirking, and that the success can only come to the player who 'hits the line hard.' "Theodore Roosevelt, Sagamore Hill, October 1917. (Sagamore Hill 2009) We could ride the New York Subway system, when people were properly dressed and the subway was clean for only five cents.
    The clothing was impressive, as men wore suits and hats at all times and the women wore respectable covered clothing. As the 1900s advanced, the long skirts got shorter and shorter and in the early 1920s, the Flapper was born. A dancing, drinking, party girl. We could go to the speakeasies' where liquor was illegal but no one cared, as everyone was having a good time dancing the Charleston and listening to Rudy Vallee sing. After a night out, we could go see the world's greatest lover, Rudolph Valentino star in one of the greatest silent pictures of all time, The Sheik, also for a nickel.

    We could also go to the market, as prices were low in the early 1900s.
    Meat Prices 1900 1999
    Spring Chicken 7¢ lb. 99¢ lb.
    Beef 10¢ lb. $4.49 lb.
    Sausage 12.5¢ lb. $2.32 lb.
    Hens 7¢ lb. 99¢ lb.
    Pork 10¢ lb. 89¢ lb.
    Turkey 10¢ lb. $3.99 lb.
    Veal 10¢ lb. $10.99 lb.
    Bacon 12.5¢ lb. $2.69 lb.
    Instead of shopping, we could go out for dinner and enjoy a great meal for under $2.00
    Half of a
    Cantaloupe 10¢
    Sliced Orange 10¢
    Young Onions 5¢
    Sliced Tomatoes 10¢
    New Radishes 5¢
    Sliced Cucumbers 10¢
    Old Fashion Navy Bean 10¢
    Main Course
    Channel Catfish
    Pork Tenderloins
    Omelet with Jelly
    Roast Pork with Applesauce
    Chicken Fricassee
    Roast Beef
    Pork and Beans
    15¢ Vegetables
    Corn on the
    Cob 10¢
    Buttered Beets

    Mashed Potatoes

    Pickled Beets 5¢
    Cole Slaw 5¢
    Salad 10¢ Dessert
    Lemon Layer Cake 5¢
    Ice Cream 10¢
    Ice Cream and Cake 15¢
    Raspberries and Cream 10¢
    Rhubarb Pie 5¢
    Green Apple Pie 5¢
    Coffee 5¢
    Milk 5¢
    Tea 5¢
    Buttermilk 5¢

    The food was fresh, as processed foods were not yet available.
    There is so much to do and see at the turn of the 20th Century in America. The nation was young and the culture was rich. Come back in time with me to experience the revolution, of the Women's Suffrage movement began, the Flappers and witness the immigrants who came and made American what it is today.

    Encyclopedia Britannica http://corporate.britannica.com/press/inventions.html
    Teddy Roosevelt Sagamore Hill http://home.att.net/~jrhsc/tr.html

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