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Determining the speed or distance of a wave

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1. Josh and Pete are resting on top of the water near the end of the pool when Josh creates a surface wave. The wave travels the length of the pool and back in 25 seconds. The pool is 25 meters long. Determine the speed of the wave.

2. While hiking through a canyon, Jack lets out a scream. An echo (reflection of the scream off a nearby canyon wall) is heard 1.3 seconds after the scream. The speed of the sound wave in air is 345 m/s. Calculate the distance from Noah to the nearby canyon wall.

3. An automatic focus camera is able to focus on objects by use of an ultrasonic sound wave. The camera sends out sound waves which reflect off distant objects and return to the camera. A sensor detects the time it takes for the waves to return and then determines the distance an object is from the camera. If a sound wave (speed = 340 m/s) returns to the camera 0.150 seconds after leaving the camera, how far away is the object?

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1. GIVEN: d (1-way) =25 m, t (2-way)=25 s

Find v

If the pool is 25 meters long, then the back-and-forth distance is 50 meters. The wave covers this distance in 25 seconds. ...

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The solution determines the speed of a wave or the distance a wave has traveled.