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type of interference

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A person stands between two speakers driven by the same source. Each speaker produces a tone with a frequency of 200 Hz on a day when the speed of sound is 330 m/s. The person is 1.65 m from one speaker and 4.95 m from the other. What type of interference does the person sense?
a: constructive
b: destructive
c: both constructive and destructive
d: neither constructive nor destructive.

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The type of interference is revealed for a given situation. The person which stands between two speakers driven by the same source are given.

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First, we use the wave equation to determine the wavelength of the sound produced by the speakers:

c = f*l

where c is the speed of sound, f is the frequency, and l is the wavelength. Re-arranging gives us:

l = c/f = (330 m/s)/(200 Hz) = 1.65 m

At the listener's location, the cycle of the wave is determined by the distance from the speaker divided ...

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