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Recombination frequencies

This question involves Drosophila. Order and give the map distance for these three loci involved in this question:

wingless (w) legless (l) buggy (b)
The phenotypes indicated above are recessive.
A cross between a wild-type female and a male that expresses all of the above
recessive phenotypes gives the following progeny:
1. 805 wingless legless buggy-
2. 813 wild type-
3. 112 wingless-
4. 114 legless buggy-
5. 125 wingless buggy-
6. 122 legless-
7. 3 wingless legless-
8. 3 buggy-
(a) What is the order of the genes on the chromosome
(b) Calculate the recombination frequencies of each region. Then draw a
chromosome map of the alleles, giving distances between each allele (use the first
letter of each word as the allele designation). What is the total distance?
(c) Identify which classes are parental (p), single crossover in region 1 (sco1), single
crossover in region 2 (sco2), and double-crossovers (dco).
(d) Is there interference here? Calculate the coefficient of coincidence and give the

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(a,b) let us designate w, l and b as wingless, legless, buggy respectively.
recombination frequency for w-l: ...

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Recombination frequencies are examined.