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How to Calculate Recombination Frequency

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Calculate the recombination frequency between RC4-124 and RC-280 based on above numbers.

~12,000 F2 (304 orginal F2)
134 individuals with ss at one marker and ns at the other marker.were grown for phenotype.

Then the attached document, at the bottom of the first page column 2, there is some information that may help.

I don't understand how to set up the recombination frequency problem

Do I divide 134 by 12,000 and then times 100% ?

Please help me.

Thank you.



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Recombination frequency = (No. of recombinants / Total) x 100

As per the given information in the text :-
(we grew ~12,000 F2 ...

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Recombination frequency can be calculated with the help of known number of progeny and the total individuals.