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etermining haplotypes

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An autosomal dominant disease (Huntington disease) is being transmitted in the pedigree below. A two-allele marker (designated 1 and 2) has been typed for each family member. What are the mother's haplotypes i.e. which alleles are inherited together? What is the recombination frequency for the marker and the disease locus? What is the LOD score for a recombination frequency of 0.0? What is the LOD score for a recombination frequency of 0.1? (Just use the progeny from generation III)

View attachment below for pedigree.

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An autosomal dominant disease is examined.

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First off, it is clear that all the Huntington FIII individuals have the genotype 1,1 for the marker gene. Since the father is 1,1 that means that the mother's haplotypes are H1 / +2, where I've used H for ...

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