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Human Biology: MHC

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A) Explain what are the differences between H2-Kk and H2-Dd?

b) How can you predict if a given protein breakdown product (peptide) can be presented by HLA-A2? Please give an example.

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Hello, this is a two part question. This is for an immunology class for graduate school.

a) Explain what are the differences between H2-Kk and H2-Dd?

Differences between H2-Kk and H2-Dd:

H2-Kk H2-Dd

i) Cellular localization is plasma membrane i) Cellular localization is Type I membrane

ii) MHC Class I molecules play a central role ii) MHC Class I H2 Dd is involved in the
in the immune system by presenting peptides presentation of foreign antigens to the
derived from the endoplasmic reticulum immune system

iii) Alternate names for MHC Class I H2 Kk iii) Alternative names for MHC Class I
antibody [ab25030] are H2k antibody or H2-Ddantibody [ab25057] are
MHC I antibody.
a) H2D cell surface glycoprotein

b) H2 DC1 beta transplantation antigen

protein antibody
c) MHC class I H 2Dp antibody
d) MHC class I H2 antigen antibody
e) MHC class I heavy chain maturation
peptide H 2D (d) antibody
f) MHC H2 D p alpha chain antibody
g) MICA antibody

h) Q5k protein antibody
iv) Specificity: ab25030 reacts with ...

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