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Statistical Genetics: Linkage Disequilibrium Question

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1500 people were genotyped at two loci, G and H. Each locus had two alleles (G/g and H/h). The results were (frequency given for each two-locus genotype):

Two-locus genotype Frequency
GGHH 0.1020
GgHH 0.1341
ggHH 0.0441
GGHh 0.1209
GgHh 0.2592
ggHh 0.1182
GGhh 0.0358
Gghh 0.1065
gghh 0.0790

What is the number of observed GH, Gh, gH, and gh haplotypes given that the GgHh genotype class contained 270 haplotypes? What are the haplotype frequencies and the allele freqencies?

How I have started the equation:
I first calculated the number of people with each two locus genotype. I did this multiplying each frequency by the total number of people (1500). Therefore, the total number of people with two locus genotype GGHH is .1020*1500=153 and so on.

Our teacher provided us with a practice problem to guide us. The only difference is that in this problem, there are two locuses. I have attached this practice problem solution for addition help.

I appreciate any help!

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