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    Order of alleles

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    I have a question from class where we have to write out the genotype of the triply heterozygous mother (given the frequency of the progeny). What I'm having trouble understanding is, how can it be determined what order to write the alleles in if the chromosome number isn't given or if it doesn't state if its sex-linked?
    Is the dominant allele the one that occurs most often?
    I've included the queston as an attachment.

    In Drosophila melanogaster, the allele n gives notched wings while the wildtype allele n+ gives normal wings. At a separate gene, the allele sb gives stubby legs while wildtype sb+ allele gives normal legs. At a third gene, the allele w gives white eyes while wildtype w+ allele gives red eyes. A female individual heterozygous for these three genes is test crossed and 2000 progeny are produced. They are classified as follows (see attachment)

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