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Punnett Square Explanation and Solving With Genetics

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2.Punnett square for 2 genes that affect pod shape (inflated or wrinkled) and flower position (on stem or at tip)in garden peas. One gene has alleles for inflated (A) and wrinkled (a) traits, where inflated is dominant. The other gene has alleles for on stem (B) and at tip (b) traits, where on stem is dominant. In a cross between 2 parents, one of which is heterozygous for both genes and the other is homozygous recessive for both genes, the simulation will use the square to predict the ratio of their offspring that would have wrinkled pods AND have flowers on the stem. Draw the aquare and explain the cross.

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A=inflated, a=wrinkled; inflated is dominant
<br>B=on stem, b=at tip; stem is dominant
<br>parent 1 heterozygous for both genes: AaBb
<br>parent 2 homozygous recessive for both genes: aabb
<br>Some key definitions: Homozygous means it has the same alleles (either aa or AA). Heterozygous means it has different alleles (Aa). If a trait is recessive, then in order to have the recessive ...

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3.Punnett square for eye color in fruit flies for a cross between a white-eyed female and a red-eyed male. Red eye color is dominant. The eye color gene is carried on the X chromosome. The simulation will show what ratio of their off-spring would be white-eyed and red-eyed, and what ratio of each of these would be male and female. Draw the square and explain the cross.

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