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    Genetics: Hardy-Weinburg, Alleles, Punnett Squares, and Genetic Drift

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    1) Consider the following population, represented by the genotypes of its members (N = 20). Is this population in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium? (see attachment for population).

    2) If the parental generation of a particular population of humans has the following allele frequencies, E = 0.4/e = 0.6, what are the predicted genotype frequencies of the great, great, grand kids?

    3) If both parents are heterozygotes for attached earlobes, and unattached earlobes (A) are dominant, what is the chance of their next child possessing attached earlobes? (Show Punnett Square).

    4) Can genetic drift result in evolution? Why or why not?

    See the attached file.

    Please show all work and explain all answers thoroughly.

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    The Hardy-Weinburg Equilibrium, Alleles, Punnett Squares, and Genetic Drift are explained in this genetics-related solution.