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    Hardy-Weinberg Problem

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    Using the Hardy Weinberg equilibrium, calculate the frequencies of this situation:

    500 individuals have 80 green flowered plants; the remaining plants have blue flowers. You know that flower colour is determined by one gene with two alleles. Looking at your population, can you determine which allele is dominant?

    Calculate the frequency of the heterozygous genotype and provide details for your answer.

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    With most problems involving genetics, you have to make a few assumptions. There is limited details provided in this question so we will have to assume a few things based on the facts at hand.

    Some background:
    In 1908, Godfrey H. Hardy, an English mathematician, and Wilhelm Weinberg, a German physician, independently worked out a mathematical formula that related genotypes to allele frequencies. The Hardy-Weinberg principle, that they came up with, predicts how gene frequencies will be inherited from generation to generation given a specific set of assumptions. The Hardy Weinberg principle states that in a large randomly breeding population, allelic frequencies will remain the same from generation to generation assuming that there is no mutation, gene migration, selection or ...

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    The solution provides a step-by-step process to complete the question and determining allelic frequency and arrive at the solution. As well some background and a link to an interesting paper (for further reading) is provided.