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Alleles in beetles

See attached for the picture the questions are referencing.

ln the beetles described in the animation, there were two alleles for color, brown and green. Suppose that you discover a very small population of these beetles, consisting of the individuals shown below. How can you calculate the frequency of each allele in ihis population?

I need the question above answered. I think I know how to do the work but not explain it.

I needed to answer these questions also. My answers are at the end of each question in brakcers. Would you please check them for me?

1. To calculate the frequency of the brown allele, count the number of total number of alleles in this population. (brown alleles)

2. ln this beetle population, the number of brown alleles is (2)

3. ln this beetle population, the total number of alleles for color is (10)

4. The frequency of brown alleles in this beetle population is (.2)

5. The frequency of green alleles in this population is (.8)

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Remember that an allele is a segment of a gene that codes for certain traits. Each individual organism would have two alleles, a pair, based on the maternal and paternal origins. As a result, each beetle has two alleles each for colour, and based on what ...

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The expert calculates the frequency of the brown allele. The frequency of brown alleles in a beetle population are determined.