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A Discussion On Wave Properties

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1. An ocean wave travels 10.8 m in 6.9 s. The distance between two consecutive wave crests is 4.3 m. What is the frequency of the wave? Answer in units of Hz
2. Water waves in a lake travel 4.73 m in 1.01 s. The period of oscillation is1s.
What is the speed of the water waves? What is their wavelength
3. If you slosh the water back and forth in a bathtub at the correct frequency, the water rises first at one end and then at the other. Suppose you can make a standing wave in a 183 cm long tub with a frequency of 0.2222 Hz. What is the velocity of the water wave? Answer in units of m/s
4. The distance between two consecutive nodes of a standing wave is 20.4 cm. The hand generating the pulses moves up and down through a complete cycle 3.61 times every 5.03 s. Find the velocity of the wave. Answer in units of m/s.

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For standing waves (1) distance between two consecutive nodes is equal to half wavelength, (2) distance between a node and a neighbouring antinode is one quarter of wavelength, (3) distance between two consecutive antinodes is ...

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These questions are solved using basic formula : speed = frequency x wavelength.

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