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Speed of a pressure wave through a pipe

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What does the speed of a pressure wave through a pipe depend upon?

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The speed of a pressure wave through a pipe depend upon are analyzed.

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Radio Wave Transmission

Analogies describe complex subjects in a more meaningful and understandable way.

For example, the difference between an analog and digital radio wave can be described using the following analogy: Imagine a person listening to a song on the radio; analog radio waves travel in a continuous, uninterrupted fashion just like the melody in the music. Now, instead of a song playing on the radio, imagine a person listening to Morse code. A digital radio wave travels in spurts much like the distinct interrupted beeps used in Morse code.

Write two separate analogies, one to describe each of the following principles of radio wave transmission:

- Frequency (Your analogy must explain voltage, current, and resistance.)

- Analog vs. digital modulation

Use the drawing tools available in Microsoft® Word to illustrate your analogy.

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