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CDG, Inc. a major manufacturer of fertilizer has 5 production plants. CDG buys Spice which is an essential chemical used in all of its production facilities, from a centrally located distribution center (DC).

The consumption rates of Spice at the plants are as follows:
Plant No. Usage (lbs per day)
1 220
2 100
3 300
4 200
5 180

Spice costs: $2.00 per lb
CDG holding costs rate of $.30 per dollar per year for all purchased materials
Chemical can be shipped via truck from the DC to each plant individually, for which a fixed cost of $2,000 and a "drop off" cost of $100 would be incurred. Alternately, a single truck (load capacity of 60,000 lbs) can be routed to deliver Spice to all 5 plants in a single trip, at a fixed cost of $3,500, in addition to a drop off charge of $100 for each delivery location.

The following delivery policy proposals for this chemical are being contemplated:

A. Transport the EOQ quantity to each plant individually, as needed
B. Send one full truckload of Spice to supply all the plants simultaneously in a single trip, on a periodic basis
C. Send 4 full truckloads simultaneously to all the plants, each truck visiting all the locations sequentially, to deliver at each plant, periodically.


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