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    Corporate Ethics Officer Job Description

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    Prepare a job description for a corporate ethics officer.
    Be sure to discuss the role that they will be playing, who they will report to, and what experience and qualifications that they must possess.

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    Always remember when doing a job description your best resource is going to be SHRM.

    Position Description
    Ethics Officer

    Position Purpose:
    This executive position exists as the point of control for ethics, allegations, complaints, conflicts of interest and to provide guidance, oversight and leadership as it pertains to organizational issues. The Ethics Officer reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    The Ethics Officer is responsible for the oversight of all aspects of company operations to guarantee that all aspects of operations are true to the company's code of ethics. To do this the Ethics Officer will review policies and integrate the organizations ethics message throughout the organization.

    The maintenance of the code of ...

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    Human Resources provides the opportunity to perform many duties, one of which is recruitment. Before recruitment can occur you must know the job for which you are recruiting and the job description is key. This response provides an example of a job description for an ethics officer and shows what the components of a good job description include.