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    Training & Development Process

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    I need help with following Essay assignment for Training and Development.

    Prof Greg decided to leave academia and go back into the real world. He has just promoted you to his L & D manager position. Our company has offices in Baltimore, D.C., and Richmond, VA. We are growing rapidly and need to develop a supervisor training program for the entire company. We have about 50 supervisors at each location. We have to integrate people into our culture and build a leadership culture that is based on engagement, empowerment, and innovation. In the past, we have sent our supervisors to public seminars like Fred Pryor/Career Track etc. But we want to build a program that is learner-centered rather than event driven so that our supervisors are constantly getting better. This program should be comprehensive. It should address how they would acquire 'soft skills' (e.g. conflict and change management, communication, etc) as well as process/procedural skills (e.g. writing a budget or a performance review).

    You are meeting with VP Greg next week. He would like you to write a 'White Paper' (essay) of less than 1500 words on what methodologies you would use to implement the leadership development program for the meeting. Use the knowledge about learning theories, transfer of learning, evaluating training, and methodologies including e-learning. Be realistic when you think about the cost of the program. You do not have an unlimited budget but you do have enough money to get the job done. Also, your company has strong technology including cloud computing capabilities.

    Include a couple of paragraphs in the essay about how you would evaluate the training. Note: the goal of your evaluation should be to improve the training and reporting back to executive management about its success.

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    Dear Student

    Please note that I am not going to write the essay for you as this is not my role as an OTA. However, I will give you very detailed guidelines which will facilitate your work. For this assignment the best reference is my eBook on Training and Development Process available in Brainmass eBook store. In this book you can also find other suggested readings which could be very good source of information.

    I could not find About company links and other information about leadership culture.

    Sections of your Essay:

    Part 1.

    In the opening of your essay you must establish the importance of analyzing the current performance of company supervisors and establishing some well defined performance goals. What points you should cover:

    In order to develop an effective training program at any organizational level, a company must carry out a scientific staff performance and training needs analysis. Such an analysis will help discover performance gaps that will be filled by an appropriate training solution. However, all the causes of performance gap may not be training related and must be addressed by other HR and business functionaries of the organization. According to the current best practices in training and development industry, all training projects must begin with this step. If L&D department has already done this step then it can proceed further.

    While carrying out performance/needs analysis it is critical that the Learning and Development Manager understands the company's short and long term business goals and how supervisors' performance contributes towards achieving these goals. This can be done by reviewing company's strategic and annual plans and through discussions with business managers and various stakeholders. This step is absolutely necessary to determine what is expected of our supervisors in the current economic, business and competitive environment in the industry.

    The above analysis should enable L&D Manager to clearly identify expected performance from company's supervisors. Based on these performance expectations, the current performance of supervisors must be evaluated. Different tools and methods can be used for that. For instance, performance appraisal records can be reviewed, relevant senior managers can be interviewed documents can be reviewed and so on. A clear understanding of desired and existing performance will highlight performance gaps. Once the gaps are identified you can easily identify the knowledge, skills and behaviors required for desirable competent performance. Some of the skills have been mentioned in the assignment, but we don't know what was the ...

    Solution Summary

    Preparation of a training program involves the following five steps:

    1. Performance/ needs analysis
    2. Training design
    3. Training delivery
    4. Supporting transfer of training
    5. Evaluating training

    Learning a development department must have a framework to follow the above model whenever it needs to launch a training project.