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    employee performance management

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    What is the business case for effective talent acquisition? Make your best argument to persuade senior management to put more time, effort, and energy into the hiring process.

    What are the costs and consequences of acquiring the wrong talent?

    What are some of the unique challenges faced by HR professionals in managing the performance management process?

    What is the role of HR versus the role of line managers in terms of managing employee performance?

    (Note: all apa style and this is not for a class work)

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    Effective talent acquisition is essential for running the business properly, maintaining the market position, and maintaining competitiveness. Effective talent means the employee will be knowledgeable and efficient in the work he has to do. For example, if you are an industrial marketing company and you carefully recruit a sales person who has industrial selling experience, he will start selling you products the very day he joins and your company will profit. It is essential that the top management put in more time effort, and energy into the hiring process. The top management must match the skill sets, check the background, examine the experience, match the character traits to what your firm needs, and match the working style of the employee. You should interview each applicant carefully ...

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