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    Performance Appraisals and Performance Management

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    Write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words that describes the relationships among the components of employee development. Do the following in your paper:

    1. Differentiate between performance management and performance appraisal.
    2. Describe how initial training influences the amount and type of performance management.
    3. Describe how initial training and performance management relate to performance evaluation.

    Just need a good start/outline for the 3 topics that need to be covered. A little crunched for time on it and need some help with starting it.

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    1. Differentiate between performance management and performance appraisal.
    Performance appraisals are normally given annually on or just after the anniversary of the employee's start date. This is the formal system of evaluating and measuring an employee's job-related achievements. There are goals listed on the performance review that you are required to meet by a certain timeframe or date. At the next performance review, these goals will be reviewed for completion and discussed. The company can see how productive the employee is and see if it needs improvement. This must be done within the guidelines of the company policy and legal laws. If the goals were met, then all is well and new goals are assigned and a rating is given. If goals were not met or poorly done, then a "PIP" could be implemented depending on your manager. Performance appraisals are how raises are given or not given.
    Performance management is the process of managing employees. Normally, this ...

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    This discusses Performance Appraisals and Performance Management and how they affect each other. Additionally, it discusses initial training and Performance Management Plans.
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