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    Employee Relations and Performance Management

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    Assume the role of VP of HR as in the previous assignments.: VP of Presbyterian Hospital.

    In 5-7 pages:

    Develop a strategy specific to your organization for integrating job performance and training.
    Discuss the most significant performance management challenges the organization you have researched has faced.
    Outline the basics of a performance management initiative that would significantly improve employee performance across the organization as well as encourage employee retention.
    Create a set of best practices specific to your organization for improving employee relations.
    Cite at least five (5) references, three (3) of which must be from peer-reviewed journals.

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    Step 1
    The organization that I have selected is the Presbyterian Hospital. It is affiliated to two Ivy League medical schools. It is an important international referral center and so the performance of employees in Presbyterian Hospital should be of a very high standard. The integration of job performance and training is critical for maintaining the high standards of the hospital.

    The integration will begin with the performance evaluation of employees. There will be different performance indicators in different areas of service. For instance, performance indicators in emergency medicine will be different from the performance standards of respiratory care services. For each employee, the supervisor should report the indicator(s) in which the employee obtains the lowest scores. In addition, the supervisor should indicate those performance indicators where he feels that additional training should be provided. Consider the example of a patient care technician. If the technician gets the lowest indicator rating in performing electrocardiograms, the supervisor may indicate that the technician requires training in that area.

    At Presbyterian Hospital there are programs for providing training in all areas. For example, technicians can be provided with training consisting of lectures, practical exercises in the medical laboratory and with real world experience with the trainer. If the technician goes through the training in a specific field it is expected that the technician will improve his knowledge, skills, and abilities in that area. In this way the job performance and training will be integrated. As Presbyterian Hospital seeks to develop excellent staff, it will also provide training in those areas that it does not have in-house training facilities. For this purpose Presbyterian Hospital will collaborate with the best external trainers so that the relevant training can be provided to the personnel. When such areas are indicated in the annual performance evaluation form of an employee, the HR will collect and collate information about different employees requiring training. The HR will within three month's time provide the required training to the employee (Pulakos. D, 2009).

    Step 2
    The most significant performance management challenge the organization has faced is that the jobs of each employee is different and a standard performance management system does not equitably judge the performance of every employee. First, let us consider the broad view at Presbyterian Hospital. The level of performance required in patient care services is different from the level of services required in nursing ...

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