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    This post addresses issues in resource management processes

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    Management, as internal user, extracts different reports to monitor and control resources. Human resources, inventory, and fixed asset processes should be designed to help management achieve these objectives.

    please share your experiences in the three resource management processes

    The Sales process covers all the activities between the time the business received an order until the final payment collection. The system should be able to efficiently support that the customer receives the goods or services and our business received the cash.

    One of the activities in the sales process is credit check. Why should we be concerned with checking and approving customer credit and what techniques would you implement within the AIS for checking credit?

    Briefly describe.

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    Our firm gathers reports from HR that show optimal staffing levels against current staffing levels. We also receive HR reports that tell us any new law changes that all staffing needs to be aware of, as the HR department specifically has a person that tracks all industry changes, particularly in the direct field of HR, that affect our company. By tracking the changes, we are able to prepare for the required training due to law changes. Inventory reports are run regularly, and their main internal use to us is to show us where variances are between expected inventory levels and actual inventory levels. We can then investigate the changes and make adjustments as ...

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