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    Electronic Monitoring of Employee Behavior

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    Some recent studies indicate that nine out of ten employers observe the electronic behavior of their employees, from tracking their Web-surfing habits to implanting GPS tracking chips in their arms. Discuss whether managers are justified in monitoring employees to this degree. Demonstrate how each element of human resource strategic planning supports the other elements through a (brief) scenario showing the likely consequences if one element is mishandled. Solution is over 275 words in length.

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    Managers are justified in tracking web activity of their employees when organizational devices and internet connectivity are used. Particularly with public sector employers, e-mail messages may be subject to public disclosure. Such agencies would want to ensure that if they were subjected to a public records request, the content is not of a nature to damage reputation. In monitoring activity, mishandling the data could be an issue if it were ...

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    Studies have reflected that 90 percent of employers engage in electronic monitoring of employee behavior; from tracking web-surfing habits to going so far as impanting GPS devices into their arms. This solution utilizes a scenario where such practices may be justified in the human resource strategic planning process - along with likely consequences when such monitoring is mishandled. Solution is over 275 words in length.