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    Compensation Considerations

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    - Determine the best way to leverage compensation surveys to set the level of compensation for your current (or future) job position. Provide specific examples to support your response.
    - Find a position with a company or organization with which you would consider working. How you would integrate internal job structures with external market pay rates to set a base pay rate for the position you researched.

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    1. Go to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Locate the latest Salary survey, which was 2010. You will need to review all of the information pertinent salary information to determine the appropriate salary for your current or future job. The key in examining the data is to compare the appropriate information such as: annual salary (supervisory Occupations table that estimates the mean and median weekly and annual occupational earnings table), bonus hourly rate if applicable (time and Incentive table to evaluate the salary differences between hourly and employees with bonuses) and the number of hours (size of establishment and hourly earnings) {important for those interested in work life balance}.

    2. I'm interested in a Distribution Manager position with Genco ATC in Pittsburgh, PA. The company employs more than 10,000 ...

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