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    General compensation plan

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    Information you need:
    • Your Help Desk Manager makes $20.00/hr
    • The new managers performance appraisal rating was above average

    Outline a general compensation plan. Specifically address what type of considerations you will make when determining how employees are compensated and given raises. Do a compensation analysis on your manager position. How does his current pay stack up against the industry? How much of a raise should the new manager get?

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    A potential compensation plan might be based on things such as the individual's performance numerically calculated using actual quantitative data, if at all possible, the same performance but looked at in terms of "soft skills" (How is the manager with their team members?, How do they interact with upper management?, etc.), and perhaps feedback from their peers and staff.

    You may also consider factors such as the market that your company competes in, the overall budget the organization has to give compensation increases that particular year, the tenure of the employee, and the past performance appraisals the employee has received and what compensation was ...

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    A general compensation plan is outlined for a Help Desk Manager including considerations made when determining how employees are compensated and given increases. A compensation analysis is done as well as a compairison within the same industry. 450 words.