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    Human Resources Management

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    Building HRM Capacity

    I would appreciate any assistance with getting me started with the following questions. 1. Imagine you are the consultant for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Assume the selected agency is large but poorly performing in a highly visible public program which did not have performance measures for employees. Th

    Performance-Driven Teams and Motivation

    Please help answer the following questions. What differentiates someone that is intrinsically motivated from someone that is extrinsically motivated? Give an example of how you would go about motivating an individual who is intrinsically motivated and one who is extrinsically motivated. What are the characteristics of a perf

    Budgeting and Planning

    Discuss the relationship between budgeting and planning. How are they related? What differences exist between the two?

    Competitive Market Portfolio

    You, Mike, and Tiffany meet in a conference room to begin to assemble your final presentation. Mike begins, "I think we've done some pretty good analysis on our strategy. We just have to put the pieces together before the final presentation." "We do have some solid information, but we have to look at all the parts to see if we

    Human Resource Professional Evolution

    The case study topics addressed are: - Compare your view of the current role of a human resource professional to the future role. - Compare the varying levels of demand upon the human resource professional throughout time. - Identify the forces that will mandate the evolution of the human resource role. The Human Resource

    Strategic Role of HR and the Legal Environment

    Your first assignment with the company is to do a review of their current HR practices and describe to the owners how they stack up to current practices. Remember, this business started as a small business with very few employees. While the owners feel the need the for an HR manager, there is always the nagging issue of "could w

    Vision of the Project

    You are a project manager for Advancement Corporation, which specializes in providing quality pharmaceuticals to doctors throughout the United States. The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia and has over 20,000 employees. As such, Advancement Corporation must have a large, mobile sales force to market the pharmaceuticals to doc

    Public Human Resource Management in the News

    Hello, I would appreciate assistance with the following questions: Go to http://www.fedworld.gov/ Select Top Government Websites (link on the left side). Review and select an agency / commission from the list of Independent U.S. Federal Agencies and Commissions; review its Website, and select a current event that has occ

    Software Pluses and Minuses

    Identify three areas where project management software is especially beneficial and how it is beneficial. Also, identify one area where project management software is not beneficial to project management and explain why you feel this is the case. Explain the rationale behind your answers

    Training Article Critique

    Find the article, "Training is the Answer... But what was the Question?" by Rob Rosner, May 1999 (This author may also be found under Bob Rosner in some research databases). This article examines the usefulness of training. After reading the article, write a brief summary and answer the following questions: ? What is the

    Compensation and Salaries

    Please help me answer the following questions: In your organization: -What factors influence the calculation of base salaries? -How is the Human Resources department involved in salary determinations? -Do you notice any issues related to perceptions of equity regarding base salaries or how they are determined, partic

    Negotiation and Culture - the Ericsson Case

    I need your assistance with the following: Review the case study of Ericsson's negotiations with the Chinese telecommunications organisations. Drawing on the topics and theories that you have studied in this course, write a Discussion posting that describes what Ericsson did that was effective and what it did that was ineffec

    Presenting on human resource topics may be interesting, or boring, to those in the audience. This solution provides a detailed analysis of a diverse audience, along with how to go about creating and delivering a presentation to grab attendees' attention. In about 400 words, this solution "walks through" what can be done to ensure all present are receiving the same message.

    The case study posted by this student was: You have been recently promoted as junior vice president of human resources at your organization. You need to prepare your first presentation on appropriate communication to a group of 20 newly hired employees for their orientation. The profile of the group is as follows: *15 entr

    Factors Influencing Employee Issues

    Discuss the factors influencing employee issues: including the right to work, employment at will, due process and employee participation, health and safety standards, family responsibilities, the right to privacy, and substance abuse testing.

    Resource Allocation and Defence Budget

    1) Identify and describe the the four phases of the resource allocation process and relate why they are important in the acquisition process. 2) Explain the three major stages of the defence budget process. Why do we concern ourselves with this process?

    Retirement Benfits: Social Security & Pension Plans / HRM functions

    Conduct research into the viability and history of Social Security and pension funds. 1. What does the future look like for both? 2. Please discuss the main functions of HRM and what you feel is the most important issue facing HR managers, employees, and organizations today.

    Capacity Constraints

    What would be some different types of capacity and the constraints that an Dry Cleaners could act on now and in the future? What are different types of forecasting methods that a Dry Cleaners uses? How would a short-term and long-term demand forecasts be generated? What would be other uses for forecasts for capacity p

    Human Resources Management and Project Management

    Human Resources Management 1. Course Conclusion: You have just completed ten weeks of a course for managing human resource projects. Imagine you have been selected as one of five classmates that will speak in front of a collection of human resource managers looking for an entry-level project manager. Create a hierarchy of fiv

    Correlate Actions and Results with Project Management Processes

    To better understand the relationship between processes, actions, and results, match the PMBOK Guide areas to examples of project manager actions and results. Procedure: 1. Review Michael Greer's "20 Key Project Manager Actions and Results." This article summarizes the actions that are required within each process, and the r

    Analyzing Production Capacity

    Analyzing the capacities including the rates of production, the amount of physical space and needs for equipment and people. At what level of capacity are these processes operating? - What are some of the possible bottlenecks? - What impact does the forecast have on future capacity needs? - What are the implications if the f

    Multinational Organizations and Corporations

    In relation to multinational corporations, there are: - Domestic structure plus export department - Domestic structure plus foreign subsidiary - Global structure - Global functional structure - Global product structure Please provide and/or cite an example of each structure. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of

    Management & Labor

    Why is it in the best interests of management and labor to work together? Or is it?

    Selecting and hiring a new employee may seem like luck of the draw in getting the best candidate. But with a clearly defined process, the chances of finding the "best fit" can increase. Although every organization is unique, as is every position, there are common recruitment processes usued by many. The solution includes a typical four-step process to hire employees. Examples are given at each step with a sample job utilized to explain why the step is necessary

    The student asked for help in listing and discussing steps in the selection process. Recruitment and selection is often customed to each position and more broadly - by each organization. However, most organizations have a pre-screening process, to either keep or retain possible candidates based on job requirements. If candidates

    Team Synergy and Output

    It has been suggested that the output of a team is far greater than the output of the individual efforts combined. What is it about the team that creates this synergy and extra output? Discuss your thoughts on this phenomenon and how you as a manager can tap into this "extra" output.

    Elements of Human Resource Strategic Planning

    In the human resource strategic plan of staffing, each step is paramount in a successful process. For example, if recruitment is mishandled, the organization is not properly attracting the employment candidates it desires. The solution provides for a detailed, five element example in how to properly manage staffing. Examples of

    Strategic Outcomes

    Discus how understandable and fair HR policies and rules can lead to better strategic outcomes. Then, discuss how the concepts of due process and employment at will relate to the Value of Respect. Your initial response should not consist solely of opinion statements, but be supported by factual information. As references, yo