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12-18 month action plan for reversing a poor HR company

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An HR company needs an over haul and is looking for a 12 to 18 month action plan to turn around their business.

The Solution provides a month by month point form walk through of activities and actions to take to change the processes at the company.

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The solution discusses a 12-18 month action plan for reversing a poor human resources company.

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I have created a basic plan. You can fill in the details where needed and make adjustments as well. Add what your class notes and lectures have suggested. Clarify any points. A company that needs reversal of processes and methods will take a lot of work and yet need to be completed quickly.

See the attached file.

12+ month plan for improving HR

Month 1 -
Job descriptions, job needs, company mission and goals should all be reviewed and changes made. The mission and vision are most important to produce to make sure everyone in the company understands what the focus of the company should be.
Simultaneously, considered what type of customers and customer service is needed and how the company is really performing in the market.

Month 2-
Performance goals, describe the performance goals needed to improve ...

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