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Employment Laws and Disciplinary Action

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1. Recommend a plan to manage the HRM situation within the confines of the law in regard to disciplinary action training for supervisors of diverse employee.
2. Justify your approach to your scenario to HR management.
3. State how a competitive advantage may be gained by ensuring HRM practices meet the necessary employment laws.
4. Speculate what might happen if the situation was not handled in accordance with the appropriate employment laws.

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I will answer your questions from my view. I was a Production Manager of an international manufacturing firm with 1000 employees, 5 Department Managers and 50 Line Supervisors. The company was General Tire Corporation. Our sales in units per day were 15000 tires of various sizes. We produced product through 5 departments.
1. Rubber Preparation - milling cutting and preparing rubber product for pre-cure tire assembly.
2. Tread Preparation - combining steel and rubber to product and transported to Tire Assembly
3. Tire Assembly - combining rubber and steel sub-assemblies
4. Tire Curing - Curing the assembled rubber to technical specifications
5. Tire Trimming and Finishing - removing rubber flash from the finished product

Answers to your questions as implemented in General Tire

1. Recommend a plan to manage the HRM situation within the confines of the law in regard to disciplinary action training for supervisors of diverse employee.

At General Tire we implemented a program of training and communication. This program gave the supervisors training on how ...

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Management of discipline and HRM within the confines of the Law.

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