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Practice creating a data flow diagram

Draw a level 0 data flow diagram (DFD) for a university library system. The system records all books owned by the library and the information of who borrows the books. For students to borrow a book, a valid ID is required. The validity of the ID is checked against the registrar's office database. Faculty and staff must show an ID as well. The validity of their ID is checked against the university human resources database. The library has a separate database for "other guests." The library system will also ensure that the borrower does not have any overdue books or unpaid fines. The library issues an email/mail notice once a week to all borrowers with books overdue for a week, and issue a fine if a book if overdue for more than two weeks. Finally, when a book is lost or damaged, the book is removed from the library database.

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This solution explains the main components of a data flow diagram. It uses a library's book issuing process to illustrate the data flows modeling process.