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Patient Information & Patient Flow Policy for Office Visits

The office manager has asked for assistance in improving the gathering of patient data within the medical office and the patient flow through the visit process. The office manager has asked for your involvement on the project because she/he has noticed your attention to detail and enthusiasm.

Draft the following:

A policy for obtaining and handling new patient information in the medical office
An ideal patient flow through the process of the office visit.

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The medical profession is continually growing at a rapid pace. Medical jobs are listed in the top ten with the Department of Labor. In addition, medical costs are rising. Doctors are continually seeking ways to cut cost and stream line patient care. Medical Office Management and Health Care Management is an upcoming and growing major in colleges today. An important skill an office manager can learn would be strategic planning. Planning and strategizing ways to improve patient flow and cycle time. The American Academy of Family Physicians has an article discussing ways to increase revenue, reduce expenses, and improve satisfaction to your practice.

Woodcock, Moore, and others say "to improve patient ...

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