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    Medical Office Procedures

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    Please help in developing a new office protocol pertaining to billing and cash management. Explain the relationship of the new protocol with other existing polices, such as data collection, communication, privacy, and medical records. Include a high-level flow chart depicting the sequence of tasks (use powerpoint).

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    I have provided a basic protocol for billing and cash management with basic explanations of how it applies to established policies. You should apply your lecture and text information to make it more complete. I also provided a basic flow chart for your use (see attachment). Again, expand with your knowledge and lessons.

    Billing will occur at the time of visit. The first step will be to generate the bill dependent on the applicable form and the diagnosis, tests, and applied treatments. Input this into the computer program and then generate an invoice with total amount, amount to be billed to insurance/managed care/other, and the co payment due upon receipt. This is handed to the patient and payment is expected. Providing the bill and the particulars to the patient upon completion of the visit can eliminate mistakes in diagnosis, billing, and can provide them with a hard copy of their bill with which to contact and verify insurance payments. It also prevents bills being lost in the mail and ...

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    The solution helps develop new office protocol pertaining to billing and cash management.