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Human Resources Management

HR Perspective: How to Increase Job Satisfaction

As human resource staff, what advice do you offer a supervisor/manager to increase job satisfaction? This solution provides an example for gathering quick data on job satisfaction from employees by conducting a brief survey, including two sample questions - and what employee responses will reflect. Such surveys may indicate e

Human Capital and Human Resources Management

Employees are valuable assets to an organization. How can human resource management support the organization to enhance employees' knowledge and skills, to empower employees, and to build good teamwork?

Human Resources Responsibilities: Planning and Administering Pay/Benefit Programs

Discuss the responsibility of Human Resources (HR) with regard to planning and administering pay and benefits. Also, analyze the impact of this function on the organization. The solution explains the typical job functions that HR is responsible for - along with how the acitons impact an organization. It is the role of HR to p

Managing Individual Behavior

How can your personality type affect your career and effectiveness on the job? This solution explores normal means of personality and other esoteric ways in which humans are the "cause" that produces "effects" at work and in other areas of life.

Recruitment Methods & Job Descriptions

The solution addresses: Examine two ways that companies can recruit qualified job applicants. Determine which method may be most effective and predict how it could benefit the company when hiring new employees. Methods for social media and online recruiting are explained, in over 200 words with a reference. From a HR pers

Human Resource Management American Disability Act

An accounting firm has just contacted your consulting business for assistance. They want to hire someone to do accounting and payroll. The bookstore is downstairs, while the office is upstairs in an older building. The essential functions of the job include operating a computer, maintaining a ledger, providing the owner with fin

Employee testing

Provide information on examples of employee or applicant testing in the global workplace, and also why testing is done.

Individual explicit commodity

Explain: - Individual Explicit Commodity vs Individual Tacit Commodity. - Group Explicit Commodity vs Group Tacit Commodity. - Organizational Explicit Commodity vs Organizational Tacit Commodity. - Extra-Organizaitonal Explicit Commodity vs. Extra-Organizational Tacit Commodity. - Group Explicit and Tacit Asset and

Human Resource Based Strategic Approach

Assess Southwest Airlines' strategic approach to human resource (HR) management. Determine how its strategy increases organizational effectiveness. Propose three ways that HR can use competitive advantage in the marketplace to recruit new applicants in general.

professional Proposal of a New Product

Make a professional proposal that describes a new product idea in detail, giving brief consideration to the feasibility of the following categories: •the industry •market size •team requirements •scalability of product •financials (whether or not the product can be sold for more than it costs to make it—profit

Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Employees

View the video "Attracting and Retaining Employees". Steve Wynn and Terry Semel are interviewed in this clip from "CEO Exchange". Wynn is the Las Vegas real estate developer responsible for widely recognized casino resorts such as The Mirage, Treasure Island, Bellagio, Wynn and Encore. Semel is a past CEO of Warner Bros. and Ya

Managing Change in Organizations

- Determine why change is so difficult for organizations. Propose ways that human resource (HR) specialists can assist in making change easier. - Propose two ways that HR can prepare its employees for the changes involved with moving from a domestic assignment to an overseas assignment. Respond and evaluate another learner'

Measuring the Performance of a HR Department

1. The Supreme Court recently upheld most of the affordable health care act. Each state will set up a health care exchange for small businesses or use one set up by the federal government. Find and summarize one article that discusses health care exchanges for small businesses. 2. What is the best strategy to develop and admi

Personal Competencies

1) Discuss the ways in which understanding your personal competencies will help you to become a better communicator and manager. 2) How might you need to change your communication techniques to work with the different functioning areas of your business? 3) Which competencies should you specifically focus on to adapt your

The new role of management accountants

Vedd (2005, p.92) concluded that "the role of management accountants has widened to include a broad range of business skills and knowledge when addressing the needs of business in the 21st century". Please explain elaborately on the broad range of skills and knowlege that are required by the perceived new role of management acco

Director of Human Resources duties

What does a Hospital Director of Human Resources do. Give examples of job duties, education requirements, who works with them and what kind of task they would conduct on any given day. Please be very detailed

HRM Outsourcing

This case study builds on a prior analysis of the IT Consulting firm, which is included as an attachment. Please look at the benefits of outsourcing some of your HRM responsibilities. Of all the HR tasks, which would be good candidates to outsource? Why? Which would be the least desirable to outsource? Why? For yo

Change Management Case Study: Sampson Television Human Resource Manager

Case scenario: You have recently joined Sampson Television as its HR Manager. The prior HR manager - Genevieve - retired after 40 years. You were interviewed by Genevieve and the Accounting Manager; to whom you report. You are working with four HR professionals and realize that you have your work cut out for you. Every time you

Employee cooperation in job analysis and why it is important

Explain why it is important to gain employee cooperation before beginning a job analysis program. Describe other issues and means that can aid in the job analysis process. Your response should be at least 500 words in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must h

Four-Fiftth's Rule

4/5th Rule: The four-fifths rule is the simplest and most common way of estimating adverse impact. The Uniform Guidelines indicate that the 4/5th's rule is the preferred method for determining adverse impact unless samples are very small or very large. The 4/5th's rule can be computed according to the four steps shown below:

HRM Strategy

The company at which you work has given you free rein to design an entire realm of talent management policies and procedures that include performance, retention, labor relations, compensation, and benefits recommendations. Your goal is to design a state-of-the-art HRM strategy with corresponding suggestions for how to put this i

Equal Employment

Employment laws are intended to protect the rights of classes of people who have been underrepresented in the workforce in the past. Employers with government contracts are required to develop and maintain affirmative action plans that demonstrate a positive effort to fully and fairly consider qualified applicants regardless of

Human Resource Challenges in a Retail Store Environment

The case study utilizes a retail store that provides electronics as the example. The questions addressed in this solution: 1. What are the human resource needs of the electronics store? What skills and training would employees need? How can employees best be helped to support the store's image? 2. What are the threats and b

General Information About Businesses

I'm planning on owning my own business and would like some information on some questions I asked myself that I'm not certain about. 1. How can my human resource staff be beneficial to my employees and customers? Can taking care of my employee also have a negative impact on the customers and the management or me as an owner?

Human resource management and moral compasses

Give detailed examples explaining how Human Resource Management could have played a central role in setting the "moral compass" at Enron, helping to form and shape the organizational culture.

The Future of Human Resource Management in Nonprofits

Use the Internet to research at least two articles (at least one (1) article FOR and one (1) AGAINST) about the proposed federal Job Creation Tax Credit. Be prepared to discuss. 1. Debate It: From the e-Activity, human resource management in nonprofit organizations is likely to increase significantly with the passing of the

Assessing Business Ethics and Organizational Culture

Article: Madsen, S. & Vance, C. (2009). Unlearned lessons from the past: an insider's view of Enron's downfall. Corporate Governance, 9(2), 216-227. Define "organizational culture." Please be very specific (and be sure that you provide references for your description of culture). Evaluate Enron's sense of business ethics