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What is the necessary certification for an HR Recruiter?

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Consider the following scenario: I am an HR Recruiter with three years experience at a mid-sized company in the United States. The organization wants me to get certified in my field. Which of certifications would be the most appropriate, given my professional expertise, and why?

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There are a number of certifications offered for HR professionals. In fact, the certifications for HR professionals can differ significantly based upon specialization, years in the industry, employee/ employer needs, etc. The solution below provides detailed information regarding certification options for HR recruiters and professionals alike.

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There are a variety of certifications that HR Recruiter can attain. It is important to note that some organizations prefer certain certification types of others; however, this preference is organizationally based and is not necessarily industry specific. The organization or governing body that is paying for the certification/ continuing education opportunity, often determines the best certification for an individual. Remember, the Human Resource Department may prefer a specific certification and ultimately, it is up to the company to determine ...

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